Gas Tank Condensing Water Heater

THERMOTANK condensing gas boiler which is firstly produced in Turkey by our company heats water inside tank directly by premix burner and special designed heatexchanger. 
Our condensing gas boilers which are between 160 liters and 2000 liters volume and have got 25 kW, 35 kW ve 65 Kw capacity options, can be directly connected to pipe system as well as having hermetic pipe system.
Efficiency of product increases up to %104 because of heating water happens with condensing technology. 
For standard indirect heated boiler systems, because outlet water temperature value of condensing boilers that heat combi boilers, increases up to 80C, condensation does not occur and efficiency is stable between %85-90.  
THERMOTANK condensing boiler products are equipped with over temperature safety, operation without water safety, weekly and daily time hour, cathodic protection, anti-bacterial system, combustion failure warning system and early heatexchanger lime system. 
For standard indirect heating boiler systems, using 3 way valves control and circulation pump increases electric power consumption as well as makes the system complicated. 
In addition to this, for standard indirect heating boiler systems, while boiler heats the boiler water, turn off the radiator system and this situation affects heating comfort. (When it is used together with heating and hot water.)