12 Volt RV Condensing Gas boiler

Thermocar Condensing Gas Boiler which is firstly produced both in Turkey and in World by our company, is designed for using in caravans and yacht.

THERMOCAR Condensing Gas Boiler which has got 16 liter volume main tank and stainless steel outer cover , as well as it operates with LPG (Bottled Gas) ,with option switch, when it is needed it also operates with 12 V, 200 Watt electrical resistance which is placed inside product 

THERMOCAR Condensing Gas Boiler which is directly operates without invertor need, as well as it can be installed to under seat and inside baggage, it is hermetic design as not cause oxygen consumption of installed place. 

Product uses combustion air by heating through exhaust and has got high efficiency with condensation technology.

Our product which has got weekly and daily timer at LCD control pannel, also has got operation safety without water, high pressure safety and over temperature safety. 

THERMOCAR condensing boiler, which can be controlled with smart phone by WI-FI connection is isolated with effective isolation  and can supply hot water both storage and continiously. 

Conveniences are provided for the installation. Water and gas connections are designed as 3/8. Product is supplied with power cable and LC control connection cable.