Hermetic water heaters take necessary oxygen for combustion from outside of the pipe of interlock position flue through fan inside it and when combustion occurs, hermetic water heaters discharge exhaust to outside from interior part flue. In connection with this situation, hermetic water heaters do not use oxygen of the place that are placed and do not make exhaust to the place that are placed.   


Hermetic Water Heaters which are automatically shut off in case of pipe blocking, have kinds of safety accessories such as over temperature safety, flame out safety.

Hermetic Water Heaters which heat water passing inside, automatically operate when using place tap or faucet are opened.  Desired water temperature is provided by setting LCD panel on the water heater.

In case of increase or decrease happens at the water flow, hermetic water heaters can set the temperature automatically.

 “Daxom” presents unproblematic installation possibility for confined spaces with its Turkey’s thinnest hermetic water heater (11cm) Daxom Plus model.  

Because of oxygen free copper heatexchanger is used for DAXOM hermetic gas water heaters,their lifetime are longer than other gas water heaters.

DAXOM hermetic gas water heater can give constant temperature water even in the summer months with NTC in water inlet and 3rd selonoid valve. 

DAXOM Gas water heater user animation ( Video )