Electrical Boiler meets both heating and hot water need with less cost according to motorin and LPG  at places that have not natural gas.

Our device which is operated as full modulation with principle of heating water by electrical energy is designed as taking into consideration both comfort and safety of consumers.  

With digital and touch display, when  users set temperature of heater circuit between 35C and 80 C and water temperature between 30C and 55C , when temperature of water approach to set values, device cut down the electric energy with modulation. This modulation provides both comfort and saving.   

At our electrical boilers, it can be made daily 3, weekly 21 programs. If required, programs can be set with different temperature values. For example: In the morning will operate at 55C between 9:00 and 12:00, between 12:00 and 24:00 will operate at 70C, between 24:00 and 9:00 will operate at 55C.  

Three Phase (380V) and Single Phase (220V) electrical models are available. It is impossible to use bigger capacity devices than 16 kW and 18 kW because of cable at houses that have single phase

Although heating area is small at cold regions, for having enough hot water amounts, min 20 kW capacity electrical boiler must be chosen. Because of this, three phase device must be preferred.


DAXOM Electric Boiler Operation Princible ( Video)