About US

Our company has been active in heating systems sector under the trademark of DAXOM since 2004.

We have continued our way as a trusted and wanted brand in our sector along with the customer trust and satisfaction, which is gradually increasing since we have started to work. 

Our aim is not only sell our products but also being near our customers with our after sales services. 

In this context, Besides having a widespread both sales agencies and authorized service agencies throughout our country, we follow the latest developments all the time and share them with our sales and service agencies by organizing contact meetings within our customer-focused management philosophy. 

We continue our business life that we have started in 2004 by presenting the thinnest hermetic gas water heater in Turkey under the trade mark of DAXOM, by adding condensing hermetic gas water heater, condensing wall type gas boiler, electrical boiler, electrical boiler built-in with tank, electrical water heater, 12 Volt DC RV Caravan gas boiler and Condensing gas tank water heaters at our 2500m2 production side that we have established in 2015.

Our company gives importance to safety and certification very much by force of “Human Priority” philosophy.In this context, having our products TSE, CE and ROHS certificates, they are preferred by our customers as confidently.

Today, we have about 540 points of sale and 175 authorized service agencies with TSE service adequacy certificate. It is continued to expand our service centers and points of sales according to the regional increase in the number of our customers. 

DAXOM aims offering their new products to customers according to their trust and demand besides its dealer and service center opportunities with the medium and long-term aim and policies. 

Before DAXOM offer new product to the market, will be continue taking customers part with its participative management understanding by making research and development about the product, coordination of before sales and after sales services and client survey.