Electric Combi Boilers with External Hot Water Tank Connection

External boiler usage occurs for systems where water amount that is obtained from electric boilers is not enough.

While external boiler is used, it is provided to transfer hot water for both heating systems of electrical boiler and external boiler by installing 3 way valves to installment of electric boiler.

In such cases, although boiler temperature is controlled with temperature thermostat, in summer months (for conditions when heating system not used), it is needed to close valve on the system. On the other hand, boiler temperature is not controlled from boiler device panel, it has to control from thermostat which is installed to boiler.

At our DAXOM electrical boiler adaption with external tank which will increase comfort of use, because of three-way valve group are inside the device, it makes possible to control boiler temperature of device from device panel and seasonal options (summer – winter).    

Electric boilers adaption with external tank  operation princible