Our devices which have 50,80,120-liter tank inside it, is ideal for especially for houses which are small and have more than one bath.

This device is designed for providing both heating and hot water with single phase electric installation for flats which do not have 3 phase electric line and have max 6-7-meter radiator.

Our device operates the heating system after it increases temperature of water inside 50-liter tank to its set value.

Our device which has got all functions of electric boiler, can provide continuous hot water with 50-liter hot water storage.

Because of our boiler with tank device heats set value water inside tank automatically when decreases, it can meet hot water need of more than one people easily.

Whether inside 50-liter tank is titanium enameled, it is protected against to corrosion with Mg Anot.

Safety measures are provided with high pressure safety valve which is in inlet of the tank and overheat safety thermostat being at the tank.

DAXOM Electric boiler with built in 50 liter tank Operation Princible ( Video)