Electrical Water Heaters are devices which heats inside passing water instantly with electric energy.

The biggest difference of DAXOM electrical water heaters from other heaters in the market is when place of use tap or faucet is opened heater automatically operate, when the place of tap or faucet is closed heater is automatically stop operating.  

Although some electrical water heaters in the market are designed for single place using, DAXOM electrical water heater can give hot water more than one place.   

Although for single place using designed heaters operation and shutoff are made from heater inlet tap, DAXOM Electric Water Heaters can be operate and shutoff from place of use tap. In other words, it is possible to have hot water at the bathroom from installed kitchen DAXOM Electric Water Heater.

Using residual current device is important during installation of water heaters near suitable electric cablei electricak fuse and grounding.

Electrical water heaters that consumes energy as heating water quantity passing inside them, they do not consumed much electrical energy as it is suppossed.