DAXOM Electric Boiler provides heating with less cost according to diesel fuel and LPG at places that have not natural gas.

Our device which is operated as full modulation with principle of heating water by electrical energy, is designed as taking into consideration both comfort and safety of consumers.  

With digital and touch display, users can make setting between 35°C and 80°C for radiator systems and 35-55°C for under floor heating systems.

When boiler outlet water temperature approach to set value device decreases power until 2 kW value by doing automatic modulation.  This modulation provides both comfort and saving.

At our electrical boilers, it can be made daily 3, weekly 21 programs. If required, programs can be set with different temperature values.

Because of distance of heating area to tank, radiator quantity and type are not definite, there are not circulation and expansion tank in our boilers, there is circulation pump controller.  

DAXOM Electric Boiler Operation Princible ( Video)